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People-Find.com is an online resource tool for locating the friends, family members, and even acquaintances that you have lost touch with over the years. Initially formed with the intent of compiling all of the information found in Yellow Pages, White Pages, and public records, People-Find.com brings together all of this information in an easy and presentable fashion. You no longer have to scour through different websites and Governmental agencies for public record information. All of this data and relational information is accessible to you in the form of a People report.

To go back to our origins, People-Find.com was in fact founded in 1996 in Seattle, WA by Douglas Berger. Having worked the Securities Industry with several different firms such as Dean Witter and Merrill Lynch, Doug saw the ease of gathering so many personal resources, and wanted the ability to access all of this information at once. As the Internet was slowly becoming the ubiquitous resource that it is today, Doug saw a huge potential market to tap this idea; it was then that the seeds of People-Find.com were planted.After bouncing between numerous data providers over the course of several years, People-Find.com has recently settled on Peoplefinders, the undisputed leader in compiling people-centric data. The decision for this was rooted not just in its large database of information such as property, criminal, and marriage records, but also for the thoroughness and hard work that was obviously put into accumulating all of this data.

Similar to People-Find.com, Peoplefinders has worked hard to stay ahead of the curve, creating new ways to gather and sort through billions of records, and presenting them in an accessible fashion. People-Find.com currently receives thousands of requests for people-centric data and property findings a day, and we pride ourselves in ranking amongst the best for these services. We employ a small but strongly dedicated staff that is dedicated in making your people and property findings easier. Our company culture has remained strong, as we have maintained an excitable staff for many years, yet our primary focus is providing our loyal customers with the best information possible.

If you are ever having problems with People-Find.com, you can always give us a call at (800) 718-8997. We are open from 5am-6pm PST on weekdays and 7am-3:30pm PST on weekends, and our customer service department is always on hand to help. So don’t wait any longer and find the people that you have been trying to track down for years! People-Find has made this process so easy to the point where you can find them within a click of a button. Try People-Find.com now, your friends are waiting!

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People-Find.com (v2) is committed to protecting your privacy and your personal information.

“I desperately wanted to call my friend to wish her a happy birthday, but I had lost her phone number. Fortunately I was able to use People-Find to find it and call her right in the nick of time!”

Angel, Colorado